LET'S GROW: Top 10 Plants

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Let's Grow: Top 10 Plants


LETTUCE -TOP CHOICE LEAFY GREEN! -Fast Harvest -Less Space - Low Maintenance -Grows Well In Hydroponic Systems

SPINACH  -Fast Growing -Grows Well In Hydroponic Systems -Multiple Health Benefits

BASIL -TOP CHOICE HERB! - Low Maintenance - Large Crops! - Grows Well In Hydroponic Systems -Multiple Health Benefits

TOMATOES -Low Maintenance - Less Ground Space -Multiple Health Benefits

PEPPERS -Almost the same as caring for Tomatoes but uses fluctuated temperature control -Bigger crops w/ Fluctuating Temperature Control -Multiple Health Benefits

SPRING ONIONS -Grow a dozen in just 3-4 weeks! -Multiple Health Benefits

CUCUMBER -Potential To Grow Abundantly  -Multiple Health Benefits

BLUEBERRIES -Grows Better In Hydroponic Systems -Bigger crops w/ pH Content and Nutrients Control -Multiple Health Benefits

STRAWBERRIES -Grows well in Hydroponic Systems -Grows Bigger fruits in Hydroponics System than Soil -Harvest all year round -Multiple Health Benefits

CORIANDER (Herb) -Two/Three Harvests in 4 weeks -Generous Lighting Can Produce Heavy Harvest -Multiple Health Benefits


Every good garden starts with SEEDS!


Plant Your Seed Today



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