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Easy Hydroponics For Beginners

As a beginner, knowing where to begin and what is needed to start your own garden can be the only thing preventing you from growing your best garden or growing at all.
Success in gardening is what keeps the fun and excitement growing! There's nothing like the anticipation and reward that comes with the nurturing of your garden and harvesting your best grow!
hydroponics, hydroponics for beginners, hydroponic kit, hydroponic garden zone
Getting to your first successful harvest is our mission, so to save new gardeners the time, effort and frustration, we've compiled our best product recommendations in one blog post to help newbies focus on the fun and adventure of gardening, because enjoying the process of growing your best garden is the best part of your growing journey! 

Let's Get Growing!

hydroponics, hydroponics kit, hydroponics for beginners, hydroponic garden zone, hydroponic system
The first thing any good gardener needs is to figure out what to grow!
A Hydroponic System won't go anywhere without seeds. Weather you're planting simple greens or looking for seeds that are organic or non-gmo, you'll need a great source for your seeds if you're planning for a good harvest!
Before you know it, you will be growing your own 
Favorite Variety of SEEDS
Start your garden with your favorite seeds and get growing!  
Hydroponics For Beginners, Hydroponic Kit, Hydroponic System 

Brand Spanking New To Hydroponic Gardening? No Worries!

Beginners can start with this amazing Indoor Gardening Kit!
It's easy-to use because it tells you when to add water, nutrients and lighting and comes with everything you need to start growing!
It can't get much easier than that!
So if you're a beginner or simply looking for an easy to use system with everything you need to get started including nutrients, lighting and seeds, we recommend that you use this amazing aeroponic system from AeroGarden! 
Hydroponic Kit, Hydroponics For Beginners, Hydroponic System, Hydroponics
Why? Because Hydroponic Gardening Kits  are the way to go if you're a brand spanking new beginner! Hydroponic Kits will save any newbie the trouble of choosing the Hydroponic system, the lighting, the nutrients and the seeds! Making it a seamless process to get Growing NOW!
So, what are you waiting for? Get it here!
 Add Your Own Variety Of Seeds
Hydroponic Kits may come with a nice variety of seeds, but maybe you had your heart set on growing plants that are only non-gmo or organic or something different all together!?



If you're looking forward to an amazing harvest, then you're going to need a wide Variety of SEEDS to choose from and SeedsNow is a great source to go to when you want to grow something new or continue growing what you love!
Order Your Seed Catalog Here - It's FREE
DWC/Bubble Systems are great for beginners! 
50% off for a Limited Time!
 Harvest up to 6 plants at a time!
These DWC aka Hydroponic Bubble Systems are one of the easiest ways to begin as a newbie. Kits like the one shown in the photo above are great for beginners because it comes with all of the hardware accessories needed to use with the system. However, the nutrients for your plants is still needed as it is typically not included and if you choose to provide your own lighting, you will need some growing lamps too. 
An Easy To Use DWC System - Great For Beginners!



Happy plants need quality nutrients just like we do in order to live their best life! The popular quote, "you are what you eat" is a great reminder that if your plants are eating good.....so are you! 


Happy plants need quality nutrients just like we do to live their best life! Remember, we are what we eat, so if your plants are eating good, so are you!

Optimize Your Garden with this Complete Hydroponic Nutrients Kit! 

 All The Nutrients You Need To Get Started


Knowing Your pH Levels = Knowing Your Plants

Understanding pH levels will help you grow the happiest plants because it allows you to keep a GREEN thumb on the needs and success of your garden. As a beginner, it's good to have a pH meter handy in order to help monitor your garden's levels to make sure your plants are happy and healthy.

This amazing pH meter comes with a protection case to keep your meter clean from dirt and automatic calibration for easy use! 


pH meter with case, pH meter, pH levels, hydroponic nutrients, hydroponics, hydroponic gardening, hydroponic kit, gardening nutrients, gardening accessories

New and experienced gardeners understand that avoiding gardening failures, helps bring more success. That alone allows for a more enjoyable gardening experience!  Get Your pH Meter Here




Lighting is an important part of any garden. Although natural sunlight is available and free, it unfortunately doesn't always cooperate with our gardening plans. Gardening in poor locations or basements with small or no windows are examples of good reasons to provide your garden with the best indoor lighting possible for best results in your growing experience.

hydroponic lighting, hydroponics, hydroponic lamp, LED lamp, LED lighting, Full spectrum, grow light, hydroponic gardening for beginners, indoor gardering


Since beginners usually start with small gardens, our recommendation is to start with this adjustable LED lamp that can be set to turn your lighting Off/On at the same time every day.

This "set it and forget it" concept makes it easy for any gardener, especially newbies!





 Choose the colors and set them to RED, BLUE or a combination of RED/BLUE for your best growing project!

hydroponic lighting, light timer, full spectrum lighting, hydroponic garden zone, hydroponics

 Full Spectrum Adjustable lamp With Timer Settings


Well, there you have it!

You've just learned enough to start growing now.

So, the only decision you need to make now is: 

what are you growing first?


Hydroponics For Beginners, Hydroponics Kit, Hydroponics, Hydroponic Garden Zone


Exclusively For The Beginner

This blog post was created to remove the barrier that most aspiring beginners experience in the early stages of their Hydroponic gardening journey. The technical side of Hydroponics can be intimidating for some beginners and we realize that this small barrier becomes the big reason that the once eager beginner delays beginning. Most seek and desire just the little direction it takes to learn the basics of how to get started without all of the stress in the decision making process involved in getting what is needed just to get growing. Our motto is to "Learn As You Grow" and we hope that this blog serves as a guide to get what is needed now so you can learn as you're growing your favorite foods. This allows the newbie to receive the support desired, while growing at their own pace and learning through out the process - Our job is to make it an enjoyable one. Just like plants, humans are able to grow and succeed if provided with a healthy environment, allowing for optimal results. It is our mission to provide this healthy environment to beginners, in hopes to inspire them to grow their best garden filled with happiest plants and ultimately living their best lives!







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Other accessories such as net cups and grow media are just as important in the growing process, but they aren't necessary to mention in this particular blog post, since we are highlighting Hydroponic Kits that already include these accessories in the packaging. This pre-packaging saves any beginner from the headache of choosing the right size net cups, the best media or length of the tubing size or any required lighting for their Hydroponic System because they both come included in the packaging.

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