New Beginnings Start With Seeds

Growing plants can be very similar to the growing that we all do in life. We generally think of amazing ideas but somehow they're put to the wayside, collecting dust on a that imaginary shelf. 

Even though we know that putting that idea into some form of action, is all it takes, we always find something "better to do" or something we believe we "have to do - or else"..... it is because of this, that our ideas and dreams remain...well,  "just a dream" or a "passing thought". We know deep down that without action, that amazing idea "idea" turns into something we tend to "reflect" here and there as the years go by..until it becomes a memory because one day we wake up and believe that we're "too old". Regret may even set in for some...but it doesn't have to be that way...

Planting ONE seed doesn't require a LOT of work. Most of us just get overwhelmed by the thoughts of the bigger picture, and that is the point where the idea gets thrown on that imaginary shelf...again. We somehow feel as though "the sky falling" before the seed is even planted. Why is that?

But before we run away from that amazing idea from the mere thought of "planting a seed", let's get grounded and revisit the meaning of that simple phrase..."planting a seed". It merely translates to "getting something started". Nothing more - Nothing Less.

In gardening, for example we take our idea of growing our favorite plants and do so by taking simple the action of planting the seeds for the plants that we intend to grow. We bring LIFE to the plant by doing this simple, yet rewarding task. This can be done with ONE seed. It doesn't have to be an entire garden all at once.

"Planting seeds" comes in many forms. Gardening and ideas are just a couple of examples to share but it expresses the importance of starting something new, as it is the key factor in the entire process. Without planting a seed, how do our families grow? 

Fear may be the culprit be hindering us more than we realize and the core issue behind what manifests more of stagnation in our personal growth. Which is more painful, not reaching for our potential in growth? or manifesting our fears, while our ideas remain dormant? 

Why allow a big fear of a small task like the planting a seed prevent someone from following through on something that is obviously important enough to think about in the first place? It's time to throw self-doubt out the window. 

Of course, it's always "easier said than done" to tell someone to "Take that old idea and start something new with it"....OR IS IT? 

So, when IS that "perfect time" anyway? 

The answer is simple: When we MAKE the time. 

Isn't it strange how powerful the "fear of the unknown" is when we hand over our thoughts to those fears? Those fearful things that we think would prevent us from succeeding in our ideas, probably won't even happen, anyway. 

But we somehow apply that same thought of "it probably won't even happen, anyway", to our ideas?  Why not those fears? After all, they're both "unknown", aren't they? A simple change in perspective can make a world of difference in the approach to unknown fears. - Just like that. 

Don't be afraid to follow your dream or idea, as there is probably a good reason why the thought of them tend to resurface over time. This alone explains why we owe it to ourselves to take a few moments out of our busy days to ponder on our ideas and dreams..the "what if's". The act of nurturing is much more rewarding that you may think and is worth planting the seed. After all, haven't you done it for everything else you've wanted in life that ended up bringing you that sense of happiness that you have today?

It's safe to say that it's worth asking ourselves what we would like to plant next...In the garden or even something else in our personal lives. Just like a garden...As gardeners, I think we can agree that we plant new seeds regularly, simply because of the abundance and reward that each bring to our lives..There's a reason why some find gardening somewhat, "therapeutic".  

This encourages most to "plant new seeds" in other ways. Gardening is a great place to start because interacting with nature allows thinking time while we remain productive in our growing while our thoughts drift into other areas, giving us the opportunity to think of those amazing "ideas" or "seeds". This is what leads us to thinking of how we can take action in planting those seeds in our own "garden of life". 

Nothing's wrong with dreaming a bit. Gardening is a great way to take time out of our busy lives to think of those ideas. It only takes one new one to change a life or start one. Instead of running away from the stressors of life, we can run TO something instead...A garden is that place for those that find peace of mind there and it's not as costly as a vacation. Consider it your staycation without the cost of baggage fees and airfare.  

Are you already on a staycation or would are you thinking of heading that way?

It's worth a ponder....

Need help getting started?  Click Here For Seeds 


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